COMET-ENVISION workshop on Future Media Distribution Networks

10-11 November 2011, O2, Slough, UK

The Internet is becoming the de facto medium for distributing an ever widening range of content, applications and services. Demand is increasing rapidly and the infrastructure is struggling to supply the resources needed to deliver advanced content in the quantities demanded at the expected Quality of Service. A range of solutions have been proposed to mitigate some of today's problems, including caching and load-balancing techniques in CDNs; and various research initiatives are investigating alternative approaches, including native information-centric network technologies, dynamic adaptation of content and optimisation of overlay networks. The goal of this workshop is to explore the range of solutions offered by state-of-the-art research initiatives with sessions dedicated to presenting and discussing both evolutionary and revolutionary approaches to information-centric networking; overlay-network cooperation; and content distribution networks. There will also be open discussion sessions on future research directions in media access and delivery with the goal of answering the question of which are the most promising techniques for future media distribution.




COMET is an ICT project funded by the European Commision under the EU Framework Programme 7 (FP7).